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Star Trek: The Next Generation Synopsis

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Every time someone on Star Trek: The Next Generation says that Data can''t feel, we all get that little nudge in the back of our brains that whispers, "Oh, please."

Star Trek: 20 Things Wrong With TNG Everyone Chooses To Ignore

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Star Trek TNG

We get it. Deanna Troi is only half-betazoid, so she''s kind of like a permanent Padawan when it comes to her empathic abilities. But the complete randomness regarding when they work, when they fail, and how often that failure happens to be convenient for the plot is a little much for us to handle.

Here at ThinkGeek, we''ve launched women''s Star Trek swim lines for the past few years. We didn''t want our male fans to feel left out, so now we''ve added swim trunks to our Star Trek line, both Original Series and Next Generation.

From Pressman to Dougherty, Leyton to Marcus, most of the admirals throughout Star Trek''s long history have been pretty shifty characters.

Who wouldn''t love to spend even five minutes there? Well, we might not, given how random the rules are. People eat food there, so is it real or not? People who exit take a while to reappear, so where are they really going?

La Forge has managed to trace the alien probe''s path back to the unmapped Kataan star system in the Silarian sector. It contains no habitable planets as the star went nova approximately one thousand years earlier.

The reason for Troi''s teal and purple catsuit outfits boils down to the same reason why T''Pol from Enterprise and Seven of Nine from Voyager dressed the way they do: to excite the audience and provide unnecessary eye candy, as if being a female character necessitated being attractive.

As with the original Star Trek , TNG''s special effects utilized miniatures, but due to great advancements in computerized effects and opticals, the show leaped ahead of its predecessor in terms of quality effects. This series marked the greatest surge in Star Trek ''s mainstream popularity, and paved the way for the four later televised Trek shows.

In terms of evolution, humans are often considered a glitch anyway, so why not have more dinosaur-like creatures? Again, we call budget on this one.

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